New Site to be launched on Friday Oct.24!
Mark your calendars for the debut of the new site! Remember to reset your favortites
if you have one set as of now. The link will change so you will need to go back to and that should get you back here after friday!

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New for 09 Season !

Site Maintenance!

Ok boys and girls.. we are working on some new diggs. I have had some request
on a simple yet functional site. You will need to re register.. Sorry about that.
Its time for a change and what better time than now. I will be doing some site
upgrades as we go along. Please bare with me. New site structure will be up in a
few days. You should like this! I would also like to ask that if you have your
" favorites" set to "" to remove it. It will work for a
short time longer but shortly we will be using ""again. Then your
"favorites" will no longer work. Make sure you make the change.

If I could ask for those of you who wouldnt mind to please join in and help get
the forum back up and going with information and signups. The site will look bare for
a while and I will be continually adding things in the upcoming weeks.
Bottom line is it should work great.

Get Ready for the 2009 season now! Sign your track up for a Regional or even a National
Venue! New pics and vids will be posted in the forum sections!


Team Walbern
Celina club
VP Racing
HPI Racing
Castle Creations
QMDRA (au)
RJ Speed